Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One life changing breakfast at a time...

If I was going to coach you into becoming a SPAMFAN, I'd start with an easy breezy breakfast burrito.

That's what I had today, and it made me late for work. Not because it took long to make, but because I wanted to show you the way. I guess that's just the nature of my SPAM spirit.

Early FYI, you're going to need these ingredients:

From there it's pretty easy. STEP ONE is to get the SPAM cooking on the stove. I used Hickory Smoke flavor and it smelled like bacon - which was nice:

After your SPAM begins to show some signs of cooking you're going to need to throw in those onions. That's STEP TWO:

Now things are moving pretty quickly. STEP THREE calls for your scrambled egg mix. You should consider adding a little chili powder right now - but only if you're feeling wild. Which I was:

Now that your eggs are almost finished you'll want to toss on the tomato. I don't like my tomato to cook too much, so make STEP FOUR kind of a "finale" at the stove:

STEP FIVE is the last one. Add everything to your tortilla, pour on some hot sauce and roll that sucker up (yes... some of us roll tortillas better than others, it's nothing to be ashamed of):

And there you have it! You're probably anxious to learn more, but I think (and I say this as your coach) that you should practice this one for a while first.

Baby steps, my friends... you'll get there.